1. 10/6/2015

    Once upon a time there lived a bear, who hunted in the wooes. If he found food, he’d eat; if not, he’d go hungry. This was his life.

    One day the bear was captured and taken to a circus. There, a trainer would teach him to perform. Each time the bear learned a new tricks. When the bear did the trick, the trainer would reward him with food. Most of the time, when not training or performing, the bear stayed in a small cage, which he got to know very well.

    Months past. Then, vandals snuck into the circus and unlocked all the cages. The bear walked out and made it back to his old home. But the woods were less familiar now, so he don’t know where to hunt. So he went to a clearing and started doing somersaults.

    The other animals gathered around curiously, and asked the bear what he was doing. The bear said that he was performing, so he’d get fed. So the other animals explained to him: “You’re free now. No one’s going to feed you for doing tricks.”

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