1. Prahlad

    Too much analysis for a unbearable sinful horrible act for which death should be the punishnent.

  2. 5/27/2016

    It seems to be a real problem with the renunciate ideal. Family is seen as an indulgence, children an inconvenience, mundane life, chores, bills as something to deride. Unfortunately, as you point out, pursuit of the spiritual life/enlightenment, and family life are seen as mutually exclusive.

    Great blog, I look forward to reading your past posts and more to come.

  3. Really, Prahlad? Seems to me, your “analysis” is the same idiocy (as the ISKCON-sanctioned approach) in an ostensibly different package: that is, avoid confronting reality by histrionically insisting on a non-solution that doesn’t address the actual problem.

  4. JayaBlissNectar

    Thoughtful reflections and well articulated too – thanks for posting it. If the Vaishnava faith is ever going to serve its current adherents more effectively and ever be taken seriously in the modern world, then the necessary reforms have only just begun. Progressive thinkers and innovators please step forward!

  5. Maga

    I recently read an article on b-I-f.com about the root of sexual abuse on children being on some secret activities of Lord Caitanya mentioned on Chaitanya Bhagavat.. Knowing that came to me as a shock, since what we got from Prabhupada was apparently totally different. Perhaps because of that he encouraged us not to read other books of Gaudiya Vaisnavism apart of those translated by himself, because we could misunderstand. I certainly have no the capacity to understand, and if previously I was trying to stay away of everything related to Gaudiya Vaisnavism, now I want absolutely nothing to do with it, even though the heart pains because of love for Prabhupada. But I understand that upon knowing “that” truth, everyone is free to take it according to his capacity to understand it. I am not able to understand it. . . . Bigger than the pain about what I have come to know, is the pain of feeling what would be the effect on the faith and the heart of those devotees on the Gaudiya Vaisnava line whom coming to know about those activities, if they do not know it yet, find out that the truth as it roots is different of what they were taught, and even bigger pain is to think that perhaps that is the reason of sexual abuse on children and other deviations, as devotees felt totally frustrated and perhaps cheated or manipulated, feeling that their worlds had fall apart, and then falling again prey of their own physical desires, sending celibacy and morality to. . . . I feel pain, and tend to think that perhaps Prabhupada had not read about those activities and/or that perhaps gave us his own version of Gaudiya Vaisnavism only to. out of love, save us. He gave us the happiness in Krishna consciousness, which is unforgettable; the kirtan, the prasadam, the classes, the four principles, with the hope this will work, without the need to mention the activities on the root, which could be misunderstood, or perhaps turn people away. And of course I feel guilty of aparada and with no good qualities as I write this, because without the association of devotees and without kirtan and classes and prasadam, my life is empty. I missed them too much. But the truth at the root impacted me too much.

  6. Gita

    What “secret activities of Lord Caitanya”? Perhaps you are refering to Lord Nityananda, Avadhuta? Read Caitanya Bhagavata to understand Caitanya Bhagavata. Srila Prabhupada never discouraged reading that book.

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