1. 5/29/2016

    It’s great to communicate your reasons for leaving. Such comments are directed towards those still in the belief-system, as it gives them information that might be helpful in deciding whether to leave.

    It’s ALSO great to re-examine your reasons for embracing the belief-system in the first place. After all, there will *always* be people in the world seeking to indoctrinate you into one mind-set or another. The best defense against getting entangled isn’t to criticize the indocrinators… but to recognize the illusions or desires of your own that led you to “take the bait.” Examining your own role would be directed to those not yet in the belief-system, as it would give them insight that might be helpful in avoiding their own entrapment.

  2. 5/29/2016

    Stuart, I agree with your point. That said, I can’t help but notice that every comment you’ve ever left on this blog has an implication of me not taking responsibility or needing to own my own role in the past. What I’ve written is not mutually exclusive with that idea. Furthermore, I was born into a some degree of indoctrination in this ideology, and it that changes how much volition one might typically have or not have when they enter into such an environment. But more importantly, there is immense deception and coercion at every stage of the recruitment process. Nobody signs up to be enslaved. The issues some (not all) cult members bring with them or that make them vulnerable aren’t valid faults to hold against them for their involvement.

    But I do agree that for individual healing and education it is worthwhile to highlight the inner processes that helped one end up under authoritarian control, and I do plan to write on that as time goes on as well. But you tread a delicate when you assume and tell people that it was some inner lacking or need that drove them to be abused. And you certainly should not hold against them their need to articulate and validate the wrongdoings done to them.

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